What We Do

Our work is romantic, organic and full of lush textures. We strive to use as many local blooms as possible, often buying our flowers directly from the farmers who grow them. We love tiny romantic spray roses, wispy and twirling vines, huge, juicy peonies, interesting bits of locally foraged foliage, and surprise touches of whimsy in the most unexpected places.

Creating an overall experience, from the flowers you carry down the aisle to the personal touches that make your day unique to you and your love, is our passion. From the smallest detail to the overall feel of your event, we will work to ensure your day is special. We love getting to know our clients and building something for each and every one of them that is truly reflective of their personalities for all of their friends and family to experience.  

Floral Design: We do it all! From the beautiful bouquet you hold while walking down the aisle, to the centerpieces adorning each table, to large scale installations at your altar - we've got ideas! We are inspired by the couples we work with and work to provide a custom design proposal that's just for YOU.

Event Design: It doesn't stop at the flowers. We can help you choose the color of your linens, furniture styles, photo booth backdrops - everything that brings your overall vision to life and creates an immersive experience at your event.

Styling: Do you need help with a photo shoot, home decor, holiday party decor, etc? We love to make spaces look cohesive, well put together and beautiful.

Travel: We love it! We've worked on weddings in England, Chicago, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and Eastern Washington (as well as all over the Puget Sound area). We understand the unique set of logistical challenges that a destination wedding or event can bring, and work hard to make each project reflect the unique surroundings it takes place in, regardless of where that is.

Investment: Each project we work on is different, and so we custom tailor our proposals specifically to you. On average, our clients spend anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 for a wedding or large event, which allows us to use locally grown, organic and beautiful blooms.


All photos on this page provided by Morgan Hass